Become an Industry Thought Leader

Win more business in 2019

People want to do business with industry leaders. To be recognized as one, you must get good at sharing your thoughts and getting them found. If you want to win more business, you have to get visible. RGA’s Thought Leader program can help.

We know what it takes to be recognized as a leader in today’s market. You have to tell the right stories in places where they will be found and promote them so your audience grows. It can take a lot of time if you do it alone.

Our thought leadership program makes it easy. We do the industry research to help you find the most effective stories. We help you get your thoughts into writing and then post and promote them so your prospects, partners, customers and employees can find them.

Executives who are viewed as thought leaders are more likely to retain their positions or be promoted when the market becomes more competitive. Experts predict 2019 will be a more competitive market. Are you recognized as a thought leader? If not, subscribe today.

Here’s what you get each month with RGA’s Thought Leader Program:

  1. A detailed research report that explains what other industry leaders in your sector are talking about, what’s happening in the news and what your competitors are saying.
  2. Monthly story ideas, designed to position you at the forefront of the industry and get you recognized as a thought leader.
  3. Consulting to help you tell better stories that create a clear differentiation between your ideas and the rest of the market.
  4. An interview with an experienced journalist who can guide you to the story you want to tell.
  5. Expert ghostwriting from one of the industry’s most experience writers.
  6. Two unique blog posts suitable for posting in the LinkedIn article section that will get your important stories told.
  7. Posting of your new material and additional social media status updates on your profiles to increase your readership. It will appear that you are your great ideas are suddenly everywhere.
  8. 30 days worth of social media promotion to ensure that your thought leadership is seen by the widest possible audience.
  9. A report that shows the audience you reached as well as the resulting increase in followers.
  10. The administrative support required to get this all done while only taking up about an hour of your time each month.

Get the support you need to lead

The cost of this program is $2,500 per month over a 12-month retainer. As an added bonus, we’ll bundle up all of your material at the end of the engagement and format it into your own business book, the calling card of the thought leader.

RGA will support only 20 executives in 2019. Become one of the industry’s thought leaders by subscribing today.

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