We serve thought leaders, providing the market intelligence, objective advice, content services and distribution capabilities they need to be heard in a crowded marketplace. We help leaders find their voices and speak their minds. We take up very little of their time to accomplish this.


Market research and reporting – so you know what the industry is talking about and which conversations you need to be part of


Consulting for effective positioning and messaging – so you can say what you mean in the most effective way


Ghostwriting and editing services – because you’re busy and you want this to be done right so you’ll look as good as you are


Content distribution services – because the more people who know how good you are the better off you’ll be

Social Media

Social Media promotion – because this is the way people find thought leaders today, particularly LinkedIn articles

With Gallardo Grant (RGA PR), it’s easy to know what you should be talking about and even easier to see your thought leadership crystallized into effective industry commentary. Before long, everyone will recognize you as the thought leader you are and that’s the best way to ensure you maintain your leadership position as the market continues to change.

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We don’t ask you to sign a long term contract. We offer a flat fee for our services so there are no surprises. You can discontinue at any time.

If we can’t convince you in the first call that we understand you and can help you share your particular brand of thought leadership, there is no cost or obligation. Call us today at 570-497-5850 or email Rick Grant to get started.