If you’ve been following this series, you have decided that having a blog is worthwhile, you have decided where to host your blog, and you have begun writing blog posts.

Excellent! Now what? Unless you actively promote your blog, your hard work is unlikely to pay off anywhere near its potential. We can help.

Why you must promote your blog

You could write the most informed, eloquent posts on the internet, but if you don’t effectively publicize and promote it, it’s possible that no one will ever see or appreciate what you’ve produced. So how do you promote your blog?

The first and most common method for promoting your blog posts is sharing them on social media.

The first and most common method for promoting your blog posts is sharing them on social media. For a business to make the most of the internet, they should, if possible, have social media accounts on several platforms. They can then share each post they write on each of the platforms. Often, social media followers will then share the things you have shared with their followers — who may then share the content with their followers, and so on.

Tips for more effective blog promotion

It is also important to remember to re-share your posts periodically. Re-share at regular increments, at least until your next post is live — and then begin sharing your new content, which should have links to previously published, related content on your blog.

Each time you share something to social media, be sure to include a quote or some relevant statement meant to draw interest to your post. Shares without comments are less likely to draw the eye. Social media browsers may only pause to read the quote you’ve posted above the link you’re sharing, and if that quote (or the image attached to the post) interests them, only then will they click on your link and continue on to your blog post.

Don’t neglect your past blog posts, either. If one of them becomes relevant again due to a news item or current topic of public conversation, share it again. Stay in the conversation. This will require you to follow current events and trending topics on social media, or have someone do that for you.

Another method of promotion is including links to your blog in various locations, like your advertising. Your logo can link straight to your blog. Include a link in your email signature as well, so it will accompany every email you send.

Another method of promotion is including links to your blog in various locations, like your advertising. 

Take out banner ads in trade publications. This is one of the most affordable ways to support your industry’s trade publications — and if you support them, there is always a chance they will be inclined to support you and your business as well.

Find other ways of spreading the word: if you give a talk or speak at a conference, mention your blog. Hand out business cards with your blog’s location on them. Send out postcards or promotional magnets with your blog address on them. Write a call to action that points people to your writings.

Expand your audience with a social media partner

One key to spreading the word is increasing the number of promoters. This can be done through social media, but an even more effective tactic is simply bringing other professionals and thought leaders to the table with you. Invite a respected writer, speaker or businessperson to write a guest post on your blog, or to participate in a Q & A, or to speak on your podcast. When other people share the podium with you, they will promote the shared content with their own followers as well.

Blogging and then promoting your blog require regular attention and engagement, but the rewards are significant. Get started today. If you need help, call me. I can tell you what to look for in an assistant, how to organize your work and how to promote it. I can show you how we do it, or we can talk about supporting you from here. RGA already supports a number of industry executives with their blogs and we’re willing to help you.

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