Mark Dangelo and I are lining up guests for our new podcast.

The financial services industry continues to change rapidly, but with global networks in place these companies are now touching businesses in every industry. How are technological changes here impacting global economies? There is no general answer that offers any insight to someone working in one industry today, because the impacts differ. To really understand hat is happening and how it will impact businesses in any particular industry, we have to ask better questions. And that’s what our new podcast is all about. What should we be talking about? What questions should we be asking?

We’re looking for thought leaders who are willing to introduce our audience to important topics that we should be talking about now. Anyone with an opinion they can state in five minutes or less can come on the show for free and introduce our audience to the topic.

Show sponsors can remain on line with Mark and I and dig into the topic. For show sponsorship information, contact me via email.

Maybe your product or service should be a topic of conversation? You can make that happen. As a guest on “Would You Consider…” you’ll have the opportunity to state your case and tell us why what you’re bringing to market should be on everyone’s radar in the coming year.

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