Mark Dangelo and I are lining up guests for our new podcast.

To give you an idea of what we hope to be discussing with industry leaders on our new show, I sat down with Mark to share what we both hope will come out of this new podcast. Our timing was pretty good, as it appears that there may be fewer substantive conversations at the fall conferences as lenders tighten budgets and lock down travel. Check it out.

Mortgage industry leaders will be discussing all manner of important topics at the upcoming fall conferences, but what should they be talking about? I’ve asked Mark Dangelo to join me for a limited series of podcasts where we’ll preview the issues we expect to be on the minds of conference attendees.

Maybe your product or service should be a topic of conversation at an upcoming show? You can make that happen. As a guest on “Would You Consider…” you’ll have the opportunity to state your case and tell us why what you’re bringing to market should be on everyone’s radar this year.

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Guests on the 30-minute show will be interviewed by both Rick Grant and Mark Dangelo. The resulting show will be promoted and guests will receive a permalink they can use to promote it to their own lists. Guests will also have the opportunity to sponsor Mark Dangelo’s latest paper to use as a leave behind during fall conferences. Appearances on the podcast are $1,200, which includes a complete promotional package. Thought leadership sponsorships are customizable. Find out more by calling 570-497-1026.

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