NTC has observed the demands of the Capital Markets sector for their partners change drastically over the past ten years. They commented on the trends they are seeing in a recent press release.

Secondary market trades are expanding among Capital Markets players, according to a recent study by Nationwide Title Clearing, and not only is their activity in the secondary market increasing, but they are expecting their partners to follow suit.

Michael O’Connell, COO of NTC, had this to say about the market: “Our Capital Markets partners are still operating in a very challenging environment, and to be effective and protect their profitability, they have been driven to update their requirements. With industry demands for side letter management, portfolio clean up, and due diligence for purchase, it comes as no surprise that more and more companies are becoming proactive in their efforts.”

NTC has been expanding its offerings to keep up with the changing needs of its Capital Markets clients.

To meet this growing need, NTC has been expanding its offerings to include file intake with secure storage, collateral review, remediation, and transfer and delivery services. NTC has focused its expanded offerings on side letter management, portfolio cleanup, and due diligence for purchase, all of which have been well-received by their clients in the Capital Markets sector.

Identifying areas of need and then responding by filling gaps in services and creating innovative tools and offerings is what is needed most at this point and a sure sign of leadership. As usual, NTC has done a sterling job of demonstrating this dedication to forward thinking. 

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