Like any other aspect of running a business, promotion, content creation and engagement are hard work. And just as you keep a schedule for how often to run payroll, send invoices or file taxes, you should have some basic structure in place for how often you create content and engage with your online business connections.

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In Part 2 of our series on LinkedIn, we’ll discuss this topic.

Here are three basic steps to make sure you are getting the most out of your LinkedIn platform:

Post Articles At Least Monthly

Some influences share articles only every few months. This works for some, but it will decrease your engagement with your audience as well as limit the promotional potential of your online presence. Others will post full articles every week. This can be great for engagement, but it can be a big time investment which not all businesses can cover. Content creators should also take care to avoid the burnout that could result from rapid-fire in-depth articles.

There has never been a time when businesses have had as much access to free promotion and social engagement. 

Regular content creation is a must to keep readers engaged, and setting a goal of monthly articles is a reasonable, regular rate that will keep you in the consciousness of your audience without an unreasonable amount of strain.

Post Updates to Your Newsfeed Daily

LinkedIn offers users the ability to post updates to their newsfeed as often as they choose. These are shorter than full articles and enable quick engagement. This offers the benefits of easy, regular interaction with your connections without the time investment of writing full articles.

Updates can be in the form of pictures, quotes, memes, or short statements or updates. The best way to get the most out of your LinkedIn platform is by utilizing both regular article posting as well as frequent newsfeed updates. And the best way to take advantage of the resource of the LinkedIn newsfeed is to post daily.

Some businesses and thought leaders post less often, and some post multiple times per day. But if you make it a point as a part of your regular business function to post an update once every day, you can ensure that you and your business do not slip from the awareness of your readership.

Share Your Articles Multiple Times

One key to getting the most out of the articles you write is by making sure to share them thoroughly. Many people may not see a post the first time it goes through the newsfeed, and you have the ability to re-share your posts as often as you choose. Repost an update about your most recent article to your LinkedIn newsfeed every couple of days. Share the article onto any other social media accounts you have in addition. And if an article you wrote in the past becomes relevant once more, don’t shy away from sharing old articles again as well. What readers want is content that is relevant to them right then, regardless of when it was originally posted.

Commit to the investment of posting engaging daily updates, creating longer content at least monthly, and sharing your articles regularly to get the most out of their reach.

There has never been a time when businesses have had as much access to free promotion and social engagement. Make the most of it!