A New Way to Work with RGA

Interested in getting the content you need but not ready to sign a month-to-month retainer? It’s not a problem. You can order the following deliverables a la carte, the more you order the less you’ll pay.

White Papers

RGA’s formula for white paper creation takes this powerful sales tool so far beyond the typical brochure that most people write that you’ll stand head and shoulders above the competition. Our white papers always get attention. Each document comes with the RGA Content Cascade, giving you over 30 unique pieces of content that all follow the same story, allowing you to be everywhere with your most important big stories. Get discounts for committing to quarterly white papers and huge discounts for ordering every other month or monthly.

Feature Articles

Getting your bylined articles into the trade publications is one of the best ways to be labeled a thought leader in your industry. We’ve been writing great feature articles for your industry for longer than anyone. Each article comes with its own cascade so you’ll have blog posts and social media status updates to promote your article as soon as it appears in the press. Buy one at a fair price, but get discounts for ordering 3, 5 or more at once.

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