You want to make an enemy, one that can have a significant negative impact on your career? Go into your CEO’s office and assign them the task of writing monthly thought leadership posts for LinkedIn. 

Actually, don’t do that. It won’t go well.

Virtually every chief executive I know is literally so busy doing CEO stuff that the very idea of slowing down long enough to put their vision into writing strikes them as ridiculous. After all, don’t they have a marketing department for that?

Well, not really.

The marketing department is tasked with fulfilling a very specific set of functions. They are, in my mind, the targeting system for the enterprise. They know who the customers are, where they are, what they want, how much they will pay for it and how they would like it delivered. And, they can speak the customer’s language. That’s what they do.

What they don’t do is set the vision for the company. They don’t steer the ship.

CEOs who don’t put their vision into writing are setting their ships adrift and counting on the marketing department to hit whatever targets happen to cross their paths. 

The marketing team might get that job done, but it would be far easier if someone was up on the bridge moving the ship into a target rich environment and then providing the kind of ammunition that would be most effective against those targets.

That’s what CEOs can do when they share their vision with their teams.

But how do you get them to do it? And what should they be writing about? I’ll tell you what I think about both of those in future posts.