Why Your Business’s Personality is Crucial

Your business has a personality. Whether you know it or not your customers surely do.

There are four main reasons a consumer becomes attached to a business. Understanding these reasons and how your company can do a better job of being the solution your prospects are seeking will make you more successful.

We all want our prospects to form a connection with our business. It’s what keeps them coming back. We have found four reasons most people form these connections.

The four reasons customers make connections

The first is family tradition. This, of course, can’t be bought and takes time. Once formed, this is very difficult for a competitor to replace and so is of utmost importance to the business owner.

Reason 1: Customers form connections due to family tradition.

The second reason stems from a customer having had a good experience with the business and wanting to repeat it. This is often accompanies by thoughts of gratitude for what the business has done for the customer, which is very valuable for the business owner. More than anything else, this comes down to good customer service. This makes training your people to deliver it an imperative.

Reason 2: Customers form connections to repeat positive experiences.

The third reason customers form a lasting connection with a business is admiration for what the business does. Perhaps it works with or supports a nonprofit or engages in community development. Perhaps the company’s employees adhere to high moral standards in terms of using green, sustainable, or fairly traded products. Maybe company management has a reputation for valuing equality and treating their employees well.

Reason 3: Customers form connections with business they perceive do good.

Members of the new generation of American consumers put a lot of thought into the businesses they patronize and they carefully consider how they spend their money. Winning them will likely come down to a focus on this third reason.

But it is the fourth reason consumers become attached to a business that we are particularly interested in here, and that reason is an attraction to the business’s personality.

Reason 4: Customers form connections because they like the business personality.

How business personalities are built

It may come as a surprise to many, but businesses do have personalities. Some firms have capitalized on this more than others. Management has worked to hone that personality and those companies are now known as quirky, or family-friendly, or stalwart and reliable, or kind and attentive.

Some businesses, unfortunately, have gone the wrong way with this. Whether through poor customer service, overly complicated and user-unfriendly business systems, irritating advertisements or an unpleasant atmosphere, they have earned a personality that people dislike. This makes it harder for them to attract new business.

A business personality doesn’t emerge overnight. It takes time for prospects to figure out what the company is all about. You can’t simply assume that customers will recognize your personality or that they will feel the way you want them to feel. You have to show them who you are both before and after they come through your door.

You must be consistent and clear in your messaging to get any kind of return for the positive reputation you are building. 

A prospect isn’t going to believe that you are the company you want them to see just because you’ve told them once. You must be consistent and clear in your messaging to get any kind of return for the positive reputation you are building.

In order to be legitimate and substantial and to bring you a long-term reputation, your business’s personality can’t be simply on the surface. It can’t be superficial or fake. You build it customer by customer, experience by experience. Your satisfied customers spread word of your reputation throughout the marketplace.

Building your business personality

A good business personality starts with your decision to provide and maintain a great customer experience. You must be dedicated to your business’s (positive) personality.

If you aren’t intentional in shaping your business’s personality, it will likely end up messy, unmemorable, unpleasant or borderline nonexistent — none of which will do you any favors. When atmosphere or experiences are inconsistent, consumers often remember the negative aspects more clearly than the positives.

For tips on how to form a clear and attractive business personality that appeals to clients, stay tuned for our next post.

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