Building better marketing campaigns

When building content for marketing campaigns, it’s important to start with the biggest story first.

We recently working on some banner ads for a new marketing campaign. It was an interesting experience…to say the least.

Here’s the story. A client we respect wanted us to develop a number of banner ad concepts for a campaign that was still under development. We love working with this company and so we jumped at the chance.

“On the business to business side, it’s just not a great idea to annoy the people in your prospect database.”

Rick Grant

Banner ads can be tricky. For most of us, they are practically invisible. You really have to come up with something special to get their attention, to say nothing of getting the website visitor to click through. I’m not a big believer in branding for it’s own sake, so I’m always looking for that click.

At the same time, I find click-bait headlines incredibly annoying. I know marketers on the B2C side swear by them and use them like I put salt on just about everything I eat. But where my team works, on the business to business side, it’s just not a great idea to annoy the people in your prospect database.

The right way to be clever and get attention

So, we knew we needed something special. The problem was, the client hadn’t decided what the marketing campaign would focus on. In effect, we were being asked to create copy for an idea that had yet to be fully cooked.

By Lowes ( [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

This was very challenging because we were trying to encapsulate ideas from a bigger campaign that didn’t exist yet. To me, that’s rather like taking a brick and trying to describe the building it was taken from.

Much better to show us the building (or let us build it with you) and then pull out the bricks we need for banner ads, e-mail marketing and other marketing communication tools.

Every message in your marketing campaign should spring a larger story further up in the chain. That’s the basis for on Content Cascade. We start with the biggest story (often, it’s a white paper) and from that content we pull out the feature articles, blog posts and status updates that together constitute the conversation about the topic.

My best advice is to focus first on the big story. What are you talking about? Why do your prospects care? Why should your prospects be visiting with you about this issue? From that big story everything else will flow, including your banner ads, if you still use them.

Want to see how this works? Give us a call and visit with us about your next marketing campaign. From time to time, I’ll clear a block in my schedule to consult for free with B2B brand owners who want to tell a big story in a lot of different ways (think content marketing).

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