Podcast with us about your recent trade show

Our podcasting experience at the MBA’s annual convention in Austin, Texas, was so good that we’re going to continue the series. I’m offering a limited number of guests an opportunity to podcast with me over the phone about a recent trade show where they exhibited. I’ll find out what they were talking about at the show and what their prospects found interesting about their offerings.

I’ll do 10 of these podcasts between now and the end of the year for a special price of $650. If you’d like to be a guest, click the button below and we’ll schedule a time to get together on the phone so you can tell me about your latest offering.

The result will be a 3-5 minute podcast that we will share with our network and also make available to your marketing department. It’s a great opportunity to let your prospects find out exactly what they missed and give them good reasons to reach out to you now.

If you are sent back to this page after pressing the button it means that this opportunity is fully booked and you can contact me directly for other opportunities at

Strategies for Posting Powerful Thought Leadership

Becoming a thought leader requires consistency of effort. Here are some tips that will help.

Like any other type of work, executing and maintaining valuable thought leadership requires effort, intention, forethought and planning. Those who wait for inspiration to strike are likely to end up with much less output in the long run. The thoughts, wisdom and experiences you write about are yours; make sure they are utilized to the utmost by keeping your thought leadership process organized.

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The Changing Outlook for Mortgage Volumes in 2019

What will really make the difference for the lenders that succeed next year? Hint: it won’t have much to do with external market forces.

What does 2019 hold for the housing industry? It is a question many people have been attempting to answer. However, some of the perspectives I have been reading don’t quite fit with what I’ve seen in our industry over the past 20 years.

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The Impact of Changing Times and Lifetime Debt

Housing will be harder to sell if American consumers are already struggling with other debt.

In days past, most people’s attainable life plan and goal was to graduate high school, attend college, get a job, buy a starter home, advance their career, purchase a long-term home, and retire. Today, things are neither as simple nor as attainable.

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Home Buyers Still Want Human Guides

Housing Wire recently released some surprising information: in 2018, realtor use has hit a new record high. Today, 90% of all homebuyers are using realtors, and the data gets even more startling from there: 91% of Millennials opt to use a realtor, compared to 94% of Gen X-ers, and only 81% of Boomers.

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Making Your Business Personality Work for You

Ultimately, businesses and brands want to have a personality that people find attractive. Here’s how you do it.

Building a personality for your business takes some work, but if you don’t do it someone will make one up for you and that’s not good. Here are 4 tips for building the business personality you want your prospects to see.

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Deephaven Mortgage Partners with Class Appraisal

Class Appraisal wins another mortgage customer.

In order to meet the growing needs of its mortgage broker clients, Deephaven Mortgage, which specializes in non-QM loans, is partnering with national appraisal management company Class Appraisal.

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