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We are corporate storytellers

Many companies do a relatively poor job of telling their stories in a way that appeals to the people they want to serve. Often this is because they are too busy doing a great job of serving their existing customers. We solve that problem by getting the word out about how good you really are at what you do.

Our Experience

Rick Grant started writing about financial services in New York City back in 1997. Since then, he has written thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, blog posts, white papers, and press releases. He was editor of a number of industry publications, started a podcasting company and currently serves as a video producer for Mortgage News Network. He has told more stories than anyone in his industry and is standing by to tell yours.

Next Steps…

For more information about how RGA can help you do a better job of getting the good news out about your service, call us today at 570-497-5850 or use our contact form for more information.

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